ZeroMQ Sockets and Perl

Using ZeroMQ sockets in your Perl application.

Responsive Email Content

How to add responsive email content into your responsive email design.

Plack, AnyEvent, Redis and SockJS

Background information on websockets and an example walkthrough building an evented web application with websockets

Reinstall RPM with Salt

Using Salt Stack to upgrade an already install RPM.

State Change Events with Statis

Searching for a stream dashboard for resource events, I created Statis as a supplemental dashboard.

Deploying Perl with Fabric and Carton

An example of deploying Perl applications with Fabric and Carton, with slides from a panel talk at pdx-pm.

On the State of High Availability

An example of the troubles setting up open source high availability clusters

Pkgsrc Build Server

How to set up a simple pkgsrc build server for single architecture clusters

Using Pkgsrc on Centos 5.5

Directions for setting up pkgsrc on Centos 5.5

Using Pkgsrc on Debian Squeeze

Directions for setting up pkgsrc on Debian Squeeze

Csistck Project Background

Background on using csistck for configuration management

Managing Passwords, Forget Them

Using bcrypt to generate passwords from passphrases, instead of storing and sharing passwords

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